Got What It Takes?

Behind every talented teen is a dedicated and obsessed mother!

Got What It Takes? is a musical reality talent show celebrating the extraordinary talents of teenage musicians and the dramatic reality of the mothers behind these young stars.

The series features mothers and their talented teenagers as they undertake challenges in a musical boot-camp, learning about a different part of the music industry in each episode.

The twist? There can only be one winner...and it’s the mothers who decide!

Originally produced by Media Factory as Mom Made Me A Star for Prima TV, this is the first Romanian format to be commissioned in the UK.

Key Selling Points

Season 1 was ranked as #16 on BBC iPlayer of ALL BBC shows.

Singing master-classes reached +35,000 views on YouTube during the ten-part series.

Beat the average channel share for all 5 seasons on CBBC.

Weekly visits from music celebrities including, former spice girl, Geri Halliwell.

Increased audience share by over 46% over the course of the first three seasons.

Full of emotion and information, this singing contest is one of a kind.

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