Better Late Than Never

Four Veteran Stars Embark on the Trip of a Lifetime

Better Late Than Never is the heart-warming format featuring four veteran stars and their porter as they hit the road on a fish-out-of-water, backpacking adventure of a lifetime.

This unique adventure format series sees four entertainment legends navigating unfamiliar cultures and settings as they travel to various countries and fulfill challenges to tick off their “bucket-list”. The format can also include an additional layer/twist which follows each star as they discover their roots in the country they’re visiting.

The smash hit U.S. version is based on the ratings-winning original format, Grandpas Over Flowers, which secured record-breaking figures on tvN, South Korea.

Key Selling Points

Better Late Than Never was the #1 entertainment show in its 10pm slot across the whole series during its run on NBC in 2017, immediately renewed for a second season.

Season 2 was a ratings hit on NBC. The show increased ratings each week and the season finale increased ratings by over 22%.

The U.S. adaptation features actors William Shatner and Henry Winkler, American football legend Terry Bradshaw and world champion boxer George Foreman.

International adaptations: Grandpas Over Flowers is now being produced in a growing number of territories including Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, France and Russia.

Three seasons produced in South Korea, one season in China. With the addition of spin-off series in both territories.

Spin-off success: adaptation of Sisters Over Flowers by Dragon TV in China debuted with an

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